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Affiliate network CONTAXE is For Sale

Since June 2013, CONTAXE has been reporting to

  • European antitrust and law enforcement agencies
  • Data protection officers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Brussels (EU)
  • a multitude of top politicians including the party leaders
  • as well as numerous leading media

about the seriously abusive market behaviour by Google.

We have presented, virtually on a silver platter,

the offender
the felonies
and law breaches committed,

as well as the exact sequence of events including the weapons used, and also illustrated the serious consequences for the people of Europe vividly.

The sum of the deliberate law violations by Google would long ago have led to a prohibition of the company in all EU countries and Switzerland. However, until now nothing has happened except some lip service.

As of today, CONTAXE is officially for sale because it is impossible to sustain an innovative, optimally cost-effective yet legal business model in an industry where a monopolist can operate with impunity, because

  • administration representatives who could prevent this, are mainly interested in improving their own financial circumstances,
  • an obviously overburdened judiciary has no resources or, if they do, is brought into line,
  • The 4th estate, so important for a democracy, has long ceased to exist, and the mainstream media hang so much on a drip from Google that they would much rather print the garbage spewed forth by the marketing agencies of the perpetrator, rather than asking the right questions and researching accordingly,
  • Google as the owner of at least 8 robot companies and co-developers of military robots is part of the American military-industrial complex and gets away with pretty much everything because of the political backing to be derived therefrom, without any counter-action,
  • it can be assumed that the close relationship to the U.S. intelligence agencies (at the latest early in 2004 with the purchase of Google Earth - formerly Keyhole -   from Q-Tel, a venture capital company of the CIA ) allows Google access to compromising information, with which one can target policy makers to make them submissive. How else can the conduct of EU Commissioner Joaquín Almunia be explained who is hell-bent on dismissing the antitrust case against Google with a these days, although only 4 of more than 30 possible charges are addressed at all and the settlement concessions offered by Google in return are ridiculous.
  • Google funds the business model Adblock Plus significantly. If you install this ad blocker, the major part of all advertising is not blocked, and certainly no Google ads are. CONTAXEadvertising is blocked however.
  • e-mails sent by us e.g. to business prospects and others mysteriously disappear even though our e-mail server is not on any blacklist, and we assume, therefore, that this is deliberately manipulated by a third party,
  • there is no way left to protect strategic considerations and decisions against economic espionage which is practiced by the U.S. intelligence agencies working closely with Google as the most important data providers for the benefit of U.S. corporate alliance. This is currently only possible with old-fashioned means of communication, such as sealed letters, but not feasible in practice.
  • this is only possible with the support or at least acquiescence of Google. The buyer of CONTAXE might bow to the dictates of Google, we do not.

Many times in the past we have tried to influence Google to change its market behaviour. We did not succeed. Quite the contrary: Julia Holtz, the top competition lawyer at Google, obviously taunts us and our customers when in her last letter she speaks about a "functioning competition on the merits" in our industry, and that "no shortage of potential buyers (for CONTAXE) exists in the successful European advertising industry".

On request, we will give further information to the hoard of buyers forecast by Julia Holtz about the sale of the advertising platform CONTAXE, and on the technology of the same name. The buyer should be tolerated by Google, i.e. have access to the advertising market (agencies), so that he/she can deliver campaigns as first processor or deliver Google ads as backfill.

In order that the widest possible circle of interested parties can get a picture of CONTAXE, the sale is conducted on eBay, with bids submitted anonymously. If, contrary to expectations, and contrary to the statement made by Google, the complete sale of CONTAXE is not possible (“complete” means business model including network and technology), only the possibility of selling "in pieces" remains.

If there were a healthy competition in the online advertising industry, CONTAXE would certainly be worth several € 100 million today because a corresponding market reach would be available. If a buyer has an access to the Google/DoubleClick markets, could use Google Backfill or could in any other way benefit from a direct or indirect cooperation with Google (Google has denied us a cooperation), he/she could operate very profitably due to the versatile and highly scalable offering as well as very cost-effective technology and then quickly lead CONTAXE to where we once wanted to go.

Should it turn out that CONTAXE cannot find a buyer, despite the low selling price, and it cannot be sold in pieces, as a last recourse only the sad walk to the bankruptcy court remains, where any claims may be asserted.  

To avoid this sad situation, our CEO is even ready to brawl publicly with the three Google chiefs Larry Page, Eric E. Schmidt and Sergey Brin. His rather seriously meant remark "I would like to hit the three great gentlemen Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin right on the mouth for once", made on the fringes of the last shareholder meeting, can be read in his open letter to Julia Holtz, Google's director of competition. In the event that no buyer will be found for CONTAXE - perhaps a sponsor for such a boxing match might be found?

Website operators are desperately looking for an alternative for Google. Anyone who reports on his/her website on the circumstances of the end of CONTAXE and the eBay auction, helps in the search for a buyer. In addition, he/she informs others about the defects in European politics. Maybe it will be easier to our successors some day because there might be politicians to whom consumer protection and free competition is more important than optimizing their own financial circumstances.

Please direct questions in connection with the sale of CONTAXE to our Managing Director, Mr Matthias Hofmann, +41 (0) 525 112,277

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