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The destruction of European technologies with the support of local politicians using the example CONTAXE

CONTAXE TechnologienIn relation with the spy scandal PRISM/Tempora, the demand of politicians becomes stronger that there should be more European technologies to provide protection for local consumers against the misuse of data by U.S. public services and U.S. corporations. This claim is correct, but not really serious. In reality, local politicians and authorities actively help in the destruction of European technologies, as the example CONTAXE proofs.

Causa Google - Legal and illegal data collection practices in online advertising

About 7.2 billion people live on our planet. Only a very small number of them makes a lot of money with the data of these people, which is the oil of the 21st century, by using illegal and market abusive methods. On the contrary, even the privacy advocates hired by the legislature help Google and others actively and passively at the data misuse.


And when one is supplying them with important technical know-how, which CONTAXE has made, and also is providing alternative and legal technologies as a service for the community, they do not even react at first. And if several months later after many requests they react, then there is a lack of dialogue, but which oddly exists with the company, which violates local laws. So, is it wrong to speak at this point of favoring in office connivance?

One search engine for everybody – Misuse excluded

For more than 8 years, CONTAXE is developing multifunctional advertising technologies using lawful targeting solutions. Among these, there is also a sophisticated crawler technology, which could be used as a first-class “European” search engine, where one can exclude illegal user tracking and manipulations in favor of selected partners or even the company's own services as well as the anti-competitive linking of the engine with other services. A search engine that belongs to almost everybody, because it is completely neutral. The required, local technology solutions do already exist, but nobody of the politics really wants to support them.

Causa Adblock Plus - Memories of the time of Al Capone

Ever since the movie “The Godfather”, almost everyone knows the practices of organized crime during the days of Al Capone. At that time, one made ​​sure that customers did not go to the competition, or just to the competition, which had previously paid the protection money.

A leading manager of the advertising industry, more specifically the one that claims to have 31 million advertising-funded free accounts and is the biggest Internet specialists in Europe, United Internet AG, finances the ad blocker Adblock Plus, with which the display of advertising on web pages is prevented. However, the ads of companies of the United Internet AG, namely Sedo,, GMX, 1&1 and, are not blocked. As well as ads of the advertising company YieldKit, which is financed by the aforementioned advertising manager and whose products compete directly with CONTAXE.


Also not blocked are the ads of other advertising companies, of whom money is charged. The market leader of the online advertising Google also funds this business model, rather than filing criminal charges. CONTAXE can not afford to pay protection money for the display of its ads to Adblock Plus.

Causa Paypal - In addition to the usual fees they cash approximately 5 % of the turnover

The currency on the advertising platform CONTAXE is Euro. Therefore, CONTAXE maintains besides the account in Swiss franc at its main bank in Switzerland, also one in Euros. Despite numerous protests during several years, Paypal refuses to transfer the campaign budgets, which are paid by advertisers in Euros, to the Euro account. Without exceptions, the money is transferred to the Swiss franc account, and this is made using poor currency exchange rates. And if the money is then transferred back again from the Swiss franc account to the Euro account, then again, a few percents are lost.


Since Paypal has almost a monopolistic position as a payment provider in e-commerce and one can therefore not waive on Paypal, one is powerless. So CONTAXE loses about 5% of its turnover to Paypal. By the way, the official explanation from Paypal is:


"It is currently not possible to change the withdraw process. The fees, which are caused by the change of currencies, will remain."

Simply use existing laws for the internet instead of levering them

Google, United Internet, Paypal. The small business CONTAXE has to deal with the questionable business practices of three giants. This is basically something impossible. We still hope that the local politics, competition authorities and the judiciary finally act. Until now, dead loss. For the compliance of legal standards on the Internet, no new laws would be required. The existing laws should just be used. But no one in politics really seems to want that. But why?


At the privacy issue, the oft-mentioned technical progress for the massive breach of the law and thus the competitive advantage over competitors can not be the reason. Just because a new burglary tool (tracking-/data-collection technologies) was invented, with which one can violate the private and intimate sphere of people and companies (and also authorities) without any problem and unnoticed, one must not legitimize this burglary tool, as it is happening at the moment in the EU-level. The recently agreed EU Data Protection Regulation is a scandal, because it legalizes the ongoing breach of the law of the past. The EU commission probably assumes that the EU is the valley of the clueless, where people live, who accept everything that the EU commission proposes.


While politics and security authorities decide on the various measures to monitor and control citizens better, an anarchy reigns increasingly inside the business world. Here, the stronger sets the rules, even if they violate local laws. Control and supervision are lacking, but neither politics nor competition authorities seriously act. It is the task of the law enforcement authorities to pursue the question, why this even is that way and bring those behind bars who are responsible for the abuse of the law and take advantage of it.

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