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Google Antitrust Proceedings – An intentional mock trial

Practically out of necessity, CONTAXE as one victim has researched during the last 17 months to find the reasons of the unabashed market behavior of Google. A current evaluation of the present evidences suggests that a criminal, transnational network of lobbyists, politicians and other influential government officials ensures since years that no serious antitrust proceedings will emerge against Google.

Unabashed market behavior of Google

Criminal network of lobbyists, politicians and influential government officials?

Having Wall Street bankers as the main shareholders of the top 500 U.S.-companies in the back, and being in close alliances with the U.S. administration and the U.S. intelligence agencies, Google was able to continue its mischief since the end of 2010, when the antitrust mock proceedings in front of the European Commission started out. This way, Google could irrupt into our most private areas of life like a Trojan horse and collect personal data of users and behavioral profiles, as well as the most intimate things and enable others to access it under the protection of the mentioned network. Economic espionage cannot get easier! One can understand how big the damage up to date already is through the strikingly honest statement of Google-Chairman Eric-Schmidt, who said that since long it is not about data, because one does already have it.

What part do the Wall Street Bankers take? Or better said: Wall Street Banksters?

Since more than 100 years, a group of greedy bankers can print money out of nothing and sell this worthless crap for interest and compound interest to governments. With the profits made from these sales, they acquire company shares and real estate, corrupt world politics, finance the worst thugs, direct wars and famines. This way, they enrich themselves so unscrupulous in an almost unimaginable magnitude, while dispossessing and enslaving the entire world. Ultimately, these banksters, as one should logically call them, bear the responsibility for the damage to the European economies and the elimination of the threat of competition for the companies in which they are heavily involved.

Is the German Monopolies Commission Protector of Google and Traitors of Science?

Whoever looks at the Vita of all members of the German Monopolies Commission can hardly believe that precisely a group of neoliberal economists, with an obvious long arm of Wall Street, must serve as verifier for the German Federal Government for competition-related issues. Almost inevitably, it has to come to grotesque statements such like the one of Commissioner Haucap, that assigns only a tiny monopoly to Google, even though he should actually know better. The Düsseldorf Institut for Competition Economics with its chairman Professor Haucap, is significantly funded through donations of exactly this neoliberal circles that are closely associated to the Wall Street bankers and their lobbyism organizations. It seems that the betrayal of science have since long become the methodology. 

Julia Holtz soon exposed as a brazen liar?

In an open letter to Google's chief lawyer for competition Julia Holtz on the 30th of April 2014, CONTAXE´s CEO Hofmann has complained about the application of the law of the jungle by the monopolist and therefore offered punches to the three Google CEOs Page, Schmidt and Brin. Julia Holtz, who was never at a loss for an answer in the past, has gone into hiding since then. No wonder since she has a lack of arguments against the accusations confirmed by overwhelming facts. Or does Julia Holtz have to be exposed as a brazen liar in representation of the company Google? The second and final Ebay-Auction, where a unique internet technology and advertising platform has to be almost squandered because of Google´s abusive market behavior, so that more than 20,000 partners do not turn out as victims, will ultimately show whether Google's statement, “the European advertising market is in a functioning competition and therefore plenty of potential buyers for CONTAXE exist”, is a blatant lie.

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