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The name CONTAXE is inspired by two English words, “content” and “axe” and stands for precision advertising.

Marketplace for Online Advertising

CONTAXE - Marktplatz für Online-WerbungSince October 2011, CONTAXE has offered an Online Advertising Marketplace, where advertising space can be bought and sold at auction. Marketplace users can choose to

1. place context-sensitive advertising.

. advertise their products or services on all the entire range of media available for advertising (maximum range / branding / awareness).

3. book advertising space to meet individual requirements with precision (such as interest channels, websites, keywords, several key demographic groups, etc.).

4. and mix and match these three types of advertising as desired.

The fee system is as fair as possible because it is based on the idea of auctions. The advertiser enters a maximum bid, but in fact only pays 1 cent more than the next-highest bid for each  advertisement. All types of advertising space are auctioned off in real time. Millions of auctions take place every day.

The three types of advertising compete with each other for each advertising space. For example, a context-sensitive advertising campaign can select an to auction off advertising space even though this advertising space was directly booked. Winning an auction depends not only on being the highest bidder but also about campaign conversion. A corresponding ranking is automatically updated.

Given that not all advertisers are pursuing the same goals,  the advertising campaign provides all partners with far-reaching chances to influence. Now, only if all requirements fit together is the campaign delivered on an advertising space.

Advertising Forms and Formats

CONTAXE Technology supports all current advertising forms and formats with all billing models in the areas of:

  • Display
  • Rich media/video
  • Mobile advertising.CONTAXE Werbung auf Ihrer Website

Specifically, these are:

  • Text banners
  • Text / image banners
  • Link units
  • Graphic banners
  • Mobile banners
  • Flash / Video banners
  • iFrame banners
  • Intelligent Seach Ads
  • Classic InText advertising
  • Custom InText

Furthermore, you can choose to:

  • Integrate advertising into search results
  • Obtain advertising through an XML interface
  • ü  Deliver advertising through an open-source CMS Plug-in (like WordPress)

InText and Custom InText

CONTAXE's InText Technology offers website operators and advertisers a unique and extensive variety of functions.

In particular, website operators may:

  • choose from an ample variety of popup designs.CONTAXE InText Advertising
  • create their own InText design, whereby they can adjust the advertising content of a popup to their website design.
  • create any number of inText designs and store them for future selection in the inText code generator.
  • create their own popup designs.
  • select the number of InText ads per page.
  • select the number of linked repetitions of the same keywords or phrases per page; introduce the popup delay closing.
  • display static or animated popups (floating in the site).
  • exclude InText links from any website area.
  • use InText Technology to insert their own content (InText Tooltips).
  • use InText Technology to insert third-party content.

With their campaigns, advertisers canCONTAXE Custom InText

  • deliver text or text / image advertising in one of the system-supplied popups (classic InText ad).

  • deliver advertising in a separate popup. (personalized look and feel)

  • deliver as an InText image banner or flash / video banner without a popup letting the ad format get out of the box and create maximum advertising impact. Creative animations are also possible (Custom InText).


With CONTAXE InText, you can set your website with all sorts of different popup designs with InText links which display with mouseover or you can integrate an image or flash video.

Intelligent Search Ad

Intelligent Search Ad

Intelligent Search Ads (ISA) is an advertising form developed by CONTAXE.

ISAs are advertisements that appear as a small popup when (search) terms are entered into the input field of your choice. By integrating the banner codes,  the webmaster can determine which  input fields should trigger advertising.

For example, if a website user enters “vacation” in a search box, a small  popup ad will appear even before the search button is clicked.

Further Technical Highlights

Besides the many options to target your advertising and other exciting features, theCreative Online-Advertising technology:

  • has a live filter tool that allows advertisers and website operators to block unwanted advertising partners by clicking on a special ad button in the ad visible only to you.

  • allows website owners to display only the advertising of another marketer / network or to display CONTAXE's advertising mixed in with other advertising, with the mix individually adjustable.

  • allows website operators to create as many custom text-display designs as desired and save them for later use

  • allows a lifetime commission of 12% on the sales of website operators referred by a CONTAXE partner through its reflink. This reflink is also available to advertisers to benefit from referring website operators to Contaxe.

Unique Selling Points

Online-Advertising-Technologien von CONTAXE

No other online advertising marketplace allows users to bid on all types of advertising and placement options seamlessly combined with our unique technology.

Multi-functionality, highly automatized processes and scalability, and, most importantly, the reliability of our system have been our core values since we first started designing our system.

Out multilingual support team is ready to assist clients around the world. Our system offers reliable service and is monitored around the clock 365 days a year.

Automation allows our system to remain quite cost-effective while offering the best in maintenance and updates. CONTAXE technologies can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes.

The concept is also much more transparent than others, especially market leader Google. With CONTAXE,  each advertiser knows exactly how much of the campaign budget is going to website operators. With CONTAXE, the amount runs between 70 and 80 percent of the budget.

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