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CONTAXE is lodging competition complaints against Google

CONTAXE vs. Google

CONTAXE is currently, in this month of April, lodging competition complaints against Google with a total of six regulatory authorities nationally and internationally.  Recipients of the complaints are the EU Commission, the German Federal Cartel Office in Berlin, the Competition Commission in Bern, the Federal Competition Authority in Vienna, the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Department of Justice in Washington, DC.

Our accusations by far exceed the grounds for complaint, which have been given to the EU Commission on press reporting regarding action against Google. Not least thanks to our extensive knowledge of technology and industry, we have reason to assume that Google - as a market-dominating company in search engines and online advertising with a market share well above 90% - as regards a total of 20 grounds for complaint listed by us, is in violation of governing law, with the aim of procuring competitive advantages at the expense of its competitors.

As Google has expressly rejected an amicable agreement, CONTAXE shall prepare a claim for damages against the monopolist. We would be willing for others affected to join a class action lawsuit. More detailed information will be available shortly.

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