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EU-commission lobbyist of the US alliance group? Lawsuit against Google promises enlightenment

EU-process against Google? The opposite is the case.

Verfahren gegen Google

Since 2010, a competition complaint against Google is running officially before the commission of the EU. This is the theory. In the nearly three years until today, Google has expanded its monopoly position and further intensified its abusive market behavior. The sword of Damocles is over Europe. Above the heads of consumers and the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Tolerated idly by the EU-commission, instead of intervening.


30 serious reasons of complaint of the market abuse by Google serious reasons of complaint of the market abuse by Google were presented by CONTAXE to the EU-commission. And there are more and more. The EU-commission refuses to even acknowledge them. Also included is information about the  plans of Google for an offline monitoring. Now it really happened. And next is the RFID chip? Because the EU-commission supports Google together with their partners and people behind, rather than intervene. To the detriment of European consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises.


And there is not a shred of doubt about the facts. And yet, the EU-commission does not take decisions in order to protect European consumers and businesses, and does not punish Google hard. Why does the EU-commission favor the anti-competitive behavior of Google? Why does the EU-commission plead increasingly since years for the interests of a US alliance group and not for the ones of Europe? And this even using outrageous arguments.

EU-commission enriches US alliance group - The rest is in the hamster wheel

Europe is one big pile of rubble. Since years now, there are steadily rising unemployment and falling real wages. The transformation of the EC into the EU was one big fraud. The introduction of the Euro a disaster. The consequences of this revolving-door policy in back rooms are destabilization and dissolution of evolved communities, destruction of democratic values ​​and principles of the rule of law, ending of social justice and vanishing social integration. Add to that a war against the truth, operated with the latest findings in neuroscience.


From the introduction of the Euro and the eastern EU extension, only a small elite benefitted. This elite continually enriches itself and ensures the steady increase of the national debt. Most others struggle in a faster and faster spinning hamster wheel. Especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, of which Google deprives more and more customers. A policy which is increasingly made ​​by the EU-commission and the EU-council, which acts in favor of a US alliance group and its shareholders. And an army of consultants, PR-agencies, politicians and other lobbyists.

Google, NSA, EU-commission - Three powerful weapons of a greedy allianc

The culprits behind this US alliance group are almost anywhere in the world. They enrich themselves with wild speculations. Semi-silk bank documents, important raw materials, even food. They seize one industry after another. And with Google, the US intelligence agencies and the EU-commission, they control powerful weapons. However, European consumers and SMEs are defenseless. The national policy only acts in mock battles.


The motive? Immeasurable greed. Look into the hamster wheel and it shows billions of people in poverty and 130 million hunger deaths since 2000. Twice as many deaths as during the 2nd World War. Taunt from the greed as people with very low food security. With it a skyrocketing suicide rate. In the middle of Europe. Largely responsible for this is the policy of the EU-commission.

Subsidies, tax exemptions, bogus companies in tax havens

Since 2007, one finances them trillions, without any compensation and safety. The risk is carried by the ones in the hamster wheel. On top of that, there are subsidies and tax exemptions. Tax payments? Only for those in the hamster wheel. The culprits establish bogus companies in tax havens. Their lobbyists in the EU-policy almost do not pay taxes either. The small and medium-sized companies get no money at all and can therefore not stand the unfair competition. The EU-commission could change this immediately, but does not want to. They decide to be on the side of the culprits. What are the reasons for that?

EU-commission lobbyist of the US alliance group? An analysis of cause with explosive natur

They are courted and corrupted from all sides. 15,000, 20,000 lobbyists in Brussels alone. Or are there even more? Nobody knows how many there are. Because nothing is transparent. Just like in a banana republic. But one thing is certain. While the hamster wheel rotates increasingly faster for the others, the EU-politics live a life in the lap of luxury. And earn a fortune. Sex & Rock 'n' Roll. Who would not want that? Maslow would enjoy that. And always close by are the (US) intelligence agencies. They are collecting diligently compromising material. The result is called the Belgian disease. Everyone owns an incriminating dossier about each in order to use it as a means of extortion when the opportunity comes. Is this how everyone stays in line?
The victims of this system are European consumers and 99 % of all enterprises, namely the small and medium-sized enterprises. CONTAXE is one of these victims of the policy in Brussels. Since almost 11 months now, we are doing research. First, the facts and also increasingly their causes. Thousands of sources, innumerable transverse links and hints. Again and again the analysis. The result becomes more and more shocking. The feeling appears that you sink deeper and deeper into a gigantic morass of corruption and perversion.

Lawsuit against Google – Get involved or support us financially

For a long time now, we are preparing a lawsuit against Google. A large part of the pleadings have already been created. A reputed law firm is waiting in the wings. We encourage affected to join us, ideally in a collective process. In such a process, all the facts are disclosed. Including the backgrounds. However, this process costs a lot of money. But we can not afford this procedure by ourselves, which is why we ask the ones to support us who find that it is important that this lawsuit against Google and ultimately against the EU-institution will take place.

This involves far more than just CONTAXE. It's about connivance and other corruption offenses, like serious breaches of the data protection law, curtailment of constitutional rights and other constitutional principles, a total surveillance of apocalyptical magnitude and economic espionage. The result is the complete elimination of competition and the looting of local economies. Last but not least, it is also about the peaceful continuation of the European communities. We solicit donations for the process stating the intended purpose “Google lawsuit” via Paypal ( or bank transfer (Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, IBAN: CH3900782007808348132, SWIFT: SHKBCH2S).

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