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Press release: New Antitrust-Complaint against Google

Schaffhausen, 25. May 2014: Today CONTAXE  has filed another antitrust complaint against Google with the EU Commission. The initial filing of June 2013 was extended by several new complaint points.

The complaints deal with these areas of concern.

  • Tying and bundling of over 100 Google-Sevices with its dominant search engine.

  • Diversion and controlling of Internet-traffic by means of building infrastructure services such as Android, Google Chrome and Google DNS.

  • Direct manipulation of search results of “Money-Keywords” to benefit own services and preferred cooperation partners and clients.

  • Regimentation of website operators refinancing their Websites through advertising programs other than Google's.

  • Users forced to open Google-accounts for easy collecting of users' data

  • Tying and bundling of its search engine advertising with ads on websites in the Google display network and advertising on mobile devices.

  • Tying, bundling and controlling mobile advertising through the mandatory use of Google's mobile OS Android along with Google Play, Google Maps and other Google services on Smartphones.

  • Discrimination of websites with CONTAXE advertising.

  • Locking out competitors by exclusive cooperations with chosen partners on own technology platforms.

  • Substantial financing of the browser-addon Adblock Plus, which blocks CONTAXE ads but shows Google ads.

CONTAXE director Matthias Hofmann stated:
The European Commission has been well informed about Google’s abusive market behaviour for a long time. Why it delayed the investigation against Google, which is of life-or-death significance especially for small and medium sized enterprises of Europe is incomprehensible. The unnecessarily drawn-out procedure has allowed Google to continue damaging or destroying already harmed competitors of many fields, in which the giant has a dominant position or monopoly, in an alarming way. Still Google is allowed to roll-out new business-models which are financed with exactly the money made over years from abusive market practices and additionally funneled to Bermuda using tax avoidance tricks that harm the community under the eyes of EU- and US-tax authorities.


After complaints from market partcipants and consumer advocates about Google’s abusive or illegal practices have been coming out almost daily and even the mighty Springer laments its total dependency, now with Ringier the next large European media company has decried Googles market power. By now every member of the EU-Commission, especially the competition commissioner, should be aware of the seriousness of the complaints and the urgency of really restoring competition.


CONTAXE ran a marketplace for online advertising using own proprietary technologies, in which ad space can be auctioned under many criteria. As its complaints about Google’s abuse of dominance and potentially illegal practices, to several national and the EU antitrust authorities remained unresolved CONTAXE has stopped its operations a few weeks ago. The company has so far not found a buyer, so its liquidation is impending.

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Press contact:

Matthias Hofmann
Phone: +41 (0)52 511 22 77

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